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Next symposium 11th and 12th of May

During this meeting the consortium will present it’s progress and several postdocs and PhD-students will show their research. On day 1 we also have a lecture by keynote speaker Claudia Mauri.

Program day 1

10:15 – 11:15   keynote lecture Claudia Mauri, UCL London (Title:  Regulatory B cells in Autoimmunity)

11:20- 12:35    Update from the WPs

12:35- 12:40   Closing of day 1 (Reina Mebius)

Program day 2

9:05-9:20   Luuk Wietske, AMC Update on COVID study

9:20-9:40    Marieke van Ham, Sanquin  SARS-CoV2-specific B cell responses

9:40-10:00   Mikhail Volkov, LUMC Comprehensive overview of pathogenic autoantibody isotype and subclass distribution

10:00-10:10   Break

10:10-10:30   Laurent Paardekooper, LUMC   Immunophenotyping of IgG4-mediated autoimmune disease

10:30-10:50   Jana Koers, Sanquin Autoantibody Fab glycosylation in autoimmune disease

10:50-11:10   Esther Vletter, LUMC  Immunoglobulin variable domain glycosylation affects autoreactive B cell (-and possibly Follicular Lymphoma cell-) activation and is predictive for disease development in rheumatoid arthritis

11:10-11:20    Break

11:20-11:40    Sabrina Pollastro, Sanquin  Performing BCR sequencing within TTB consortium

11:40-11:55    Taco Kuijpers Immuno Health XL brief update

11:55-12:00   Rene Toes Extra budget announcement

12:00-12:20    Time for discussion

12:20-12:25   Closing

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Hydroxychloroquine treatment in European patients with Lupos erythematosus: dosing, retinopathy screening and adherence “ is a publication of Wendy Zacouris of the NVLE amongst others. The NVLE participates in our patient advisory board.  We invite you to read the publication.

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In the Netherlands a range of scientists and clinicians are actively involved in B cell-related research...
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WP2 and WP5

WP2 is dedicated to set-up specialized cellular assays to study the dynamics, diversity and function of B-lymphocyte differentiation in health...
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WP3 and WP6

In workpackage 3 we try to understand the impact of B cell targeted therapy on the repertoire of autoantibodies with respect to...
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Next to its scientific and clinical ambition, the consortium also aims to develop an outreach program for multiple stakeholders...
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WP7 and WP8

Work package 7 is all about B cell-targeting therapies in B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases and malignancies...
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