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WP 1

WP1: Clinics, cohorts and biobanking

Clinics, cohorts and biobanking

In the Netherlands a range of scientists and clinicians are actively involved in B cell-related research. Either because of interest in B cell-mediated disorders like autoimmune diseases or oncological malignancies or because of fundamental interest in B cell and antibody biology. Many of these disorders are rare, but share many aspects in e.g. their pathophysiology and response to treatment. Research in these fields would therefore significantly advance when efforts and knowledge between specialisms are combined. Thereto WP1 is aimed to achieve the following two objectives:

  1. To create an overview of existing biobanks and clinical databases of all autoimmune and oncological B cell-mediated disorders in the Netherlands.
  2. To generate a study protocol that allows for prospective collection of patient samples to enable the studies that are part of the other work packages.

We are currently creating an overview of available biobanks and clinical datasets. Researchers involved in our consortium will have access to this data and will use this to answer their research questions (WP2-WP8). In addition, because uniform collection of patient samples can strengthen further research the new prospective protocol will enable physicians to collectively obtain patient samples in a standardized manner.

We believe WP1 provides a strong basis for this consortium to facilitate all other research plans and gives a unique opportunity to connect the wealth of data that has been collected by the B cell experts in the Netherlands in the past.

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