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Roberto Spada PhD

Roberto Spada has a PhD from the National Center for Biotechnology-CSIC in Madrid (Spain) specializing in autoimmune diseases with a particular interest for the cell types which could be responsible for the initial development of lupus. After finalizing his studies in Madrid, with a brief position as a visiting scientist at Guy’s Hospital in London, he moved to Strasbourg in France where he started working for Merck as a specialist for their flow cytometry line of instrumentation

e then moved to Miltenyi Biotec where he was in charge of product management for the flow cytometry portfolio of the company, with a specific interest in developing cutting edge flow cytometers.

Roberto joined Fluidigm in 2017 and is currently in charge of business development for CyTOF in all of EMEA. CyTOF (also known as mass cytometry) is similar in concept to flow cytometry, but allows researchers the possibility of looking at a much greater number of parameters at once. This technology allows clinicians and researchers to identify faster what is going on in a single sample (for example either from a blood draw or a tissue biopsy), thus leading novel discoveries in immunology and oncology which can accelerate drug development timelines and the implementation of new therapies.

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