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Prof. dr. Nico A. Bos

Nico Bos

Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, University Medical Center Groningen.

My research focus on how external influences (bacteria, viruses, and food) can influence the immune system in such a way that unwanted immune responses, such as, for example, auto-immune diseases can arise. Molecular analysis of immunoglobulin genes provides insight into which B cells are stimulated during such immune responses. In recent years, I focused on the emergence of increased glycosylation of variable (Fab) regions of antibodies during secondary immune responses. This Fab glycosylation could play a role in the development of autoreactive B cells that are involved in autoimmune diseases such as RA, Sjögren syndrome and ANCA associated vasculitis.

5 recent publications related to B-cells and antibodies

  1. Visser, A., Verstappen, G. M., van der Vegt, B., Vissink, A., Bende, R. J., Bootsma, H., Bos, N. A., & Kroese, F. G. M. (2020). Repertoire Analysis of B-Cells Located in Striated Ducts of Salivary Glands of Patients With Sjogren’s Syndrome. Frontiers in Immunology, 11, [1486].
  2. Visser, A., Hamza, N., Kroese, F. G. M., & Bos, N. A. (2018). Acquiring new N-glycosylation sites in variable regions of immunoglobulin genes by somatic hypermutation is a common feature of autoimmune diseases. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 77(10).…)rheumdis-2017-212568
  3. van der Geest, K. S. M., Sandovici, M., van Sleen, Y., Sanders, J-S., Bos, N. A., Abdulahad, W. H., Stegeman, C. A., Heeringa, P., Rutgers, A., Kallenberg, C. G. M., Boots, A. M. H., & Brouwer, E. (2018). What Is the Current Evidence for Disease Subsets in Giant Cell Arteritis? Arthritis & Rheumatology, 70(9), 1366-1376.
  4. Visser, A., Doorenspleet, M. E., de Vries, N., Spijkervet, F. K. L., Vissink, A., Bende, R. J., Bootsma, H., Kroese, F. G. M., & Bos, N. A. (2018). Acquisition of N-Glycosylation Sites in Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Genes During Local Expansion in Parotid Salivary Glands of Primary Sjogren Patients. Frontiers in Immunology, 9, [491].
  5. Hamza, N., Hershberg, U., Kallenberg, C. G. M., Vissink, A., Spijkervet, F. K. L., Bootsma, H., Kroese, F. G. M., & Bos, N. A. (2015). Ig Gene Analysis Reveals Altered Selective Pressures on Ig-Producing Cells in Parotid Glands of Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome Patients. Journal of Immunology, 194(2), 514-521.

Link to full publication list:

Supervision of PhD awarded candidates (research related to B-cells and antibodies)

  1. A. Vermeer, 8-11- 1995, Molecular analysis of rat B cell differentiation
  2. E. Popa, 7-11-2001, Staphylococcus aureus amd T cell activation in Wegener’s granulomatosis
  3. J.A.J. Guikema, Heterogeneity of clonal B cells in Multiple Myeloma, 7-1-2004
  4. S.Brugman, 10-1-2007, The influence of dietary and bacterial antigens on the development of type 1 diabetes in the Bio Breeding Diabetes Prone rat
  5. S.Hovenga, 21-3-2007, Clinical and Biological aspects of Multiple Myeloma
  6. S.Yuvaraj, 4-4-2007, Human mucosal IgA in health and disease
  7. M.Stoel, 20-6-2007, Intestinal microbiota and mucosal IgA
  8. N.Hamza, 22-10-2012, Analysis of B cell selection in autoimmune diseases
  9. S.Tete, 20-10-2014, Influenza vaccination-induced B cell response  in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.
  10. J.Hendricks, 18-11-2015, Heterogeneity of memory marginal zone B cells in the rat.
  11. C.Rondaan, 19-3-2018, Immunity ot Varicella Zoster in immunocompromised patients

Currently supervision PhD research of

  1. L. Wang, 2021, Immunity to Varicella Zoster in transplant patients
  2. C.G Bonasia, 2022, Autoreactive B cells in autoimmune diseases
  3. S.  Liu, 2023, The balance netween rejection and immunity in transplant patients

Workpackage leader of WP3 and member of WP6.

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