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Janna Koers

Jana Koers

Sanquin Research, Department of Immunopathology, and Landsteiner Laboratory, Amsterdam University medical centers, University of Amsterdam.

Our goal is to explore antibody Fab glycosylation in health and disease and unravel whether there is a physiological relevance to this level of secondary antibody diversification. We have previously investigated the distribution of V-region N-glycosylation sites in healthy donors for the different Ig isotypes. Our next aim is to continue this line of research to study antibody fab glycosylation in different auto-immune diseases within the scope of the T2B consortium.


Koers J., Derksen N. I. L., Ooijevaar-de Heer P., Nota B., van de Bovenkamp F. S., Vidarsson G., and Rispens T. Biased N-Glycosylation Site Distribution and Acquisition across the Antibody V Region during B Cell Maturation (2019). The Journal of Immunology, 202 (8) 2220-2228; DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1801622

Member of workpackages 3 and 6.

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