NEWSLETTER volume March 2022

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Topics of the month

1. Pre-NVVI meeting
2. Infographic
3. 4th European B-Cell Forum
4. In the spotlight
5. News

1. Pre-NVVI meeting

On monday the 23rd of May 2022 we will host our consortium meeting at NH Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout. The meeting will start with a lunch. The agenda will be distributed shortly.

Before the T2B meeting, there will be a combined meeting for invitees of the 3 immunology PPP's.

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-08 om 11.35.51
In the morning our PhD's and Postdocs will have a poster session. Sabrina Pollastro is coordinating this for our T2B PhD's and Postdocs.

2. Infographic

WP 4 (workpackage of communication and dissemination) developed the Infographic below with help from WP4 partner Pfizer.


3. 4Th European B cell Forum

This Forum will take place from June 27th - June 29th in Egmond aan Zee.
Consortium members Rudi Hendriks and Odillia Corneth are organizing the Forum together with Annemiek van Spriel. Groupleaders are invited to register:
Please find the information for registration on the website: https://b-cells.eu/registration-2022/, as well as below.

June 27-29th 2022
We will start on Monday, June 27th at 2pm and finish on Wednesday June 29th around lunch time. Therefore, almost all of you could arrive in time and catch an outbound flight/train on Wednesday.

Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands (https://www.zuiderduin.nl/en)
We made single-room reservations for all participants. We only have a limited number of rooms at Hotel Zuiderduin. The number of participants is, therefore, limited to 100. Please understand that we need to assign the hotel on a first-come first-served basis.
If you wish to arrive earlier to stay for additional nights (92,50 Euros per night, including breakfast and taxes) or if you wish to bring your partner and book a double-room instead (additional 40 Euros per night, including breakfast and taxes) please let us know. We will arrange the reservation, and you will pay directly at the hotel at the end of your stay.

By train
The train station that is nearest to Egmond aan Zee is Heiloo (at ~6 km distance). There is a frequent (every 30 minutes) direct train service from Amsterdam Central station to Heiloo. This train journey takes about 30 minutes.
A shuttle service from Heiloo train station to Egmond aan Zee (10 minutes) will be arranged.
By plane
The distance from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Egmond aan Zee is 50 km. There is a frequent (every 30 minutes) train service from the airport to Heiloo train station. This train journey takes about 50 minutes and you will have to change trains at Zaandam.
A shuttle service from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Egmond aan Zee (40 minutes) will be arranged.

Please use the following link to register by no later than March 31, 2022
»Register Here
Once you have registered, we will send you an e-mail with payment instructions.
To keep the Forum to about 80 – 100 participants, we decided to invite only group leaders from European countries. The registration rate is 390 Euros, which includes full accommodation (inc. tax).

Oral Research Presentations
Approximately 30 talks of 20 minutes, including discussion. If you are interested to give a research talk, please upload a word document with a title and brief abstract (maximum: 350 words) at the end of the registration form. Please understand that we cannot give everyone the opportunity to present. We will consider that the number of speakers from each country is reflected by the total registrations for this country. The oral presentations will be selected by the local organizers and the ECBnet advisory board.
Networking event
We have included a poster session to stimulate interaction between participants. In strong contrast to regular conference posters that show detailed recent research findings, we propose an informal poster session in which the overall research topics, research lines and method overviews from the individual group leaders are presented. This session will balance the oral presentations that focus on recent specific research findings. Please indicate whether you wish to present such a poster in the registration form.

General Assembly
In this meeting we will discuss the activities over 2021-2022, our webpage, the date and place of the next EBCnet Forum meetings and the EFIS European B cell Summer School.

Program and abstract selection
Rudi Hendriks ([mailto:r.hendriks@erasmusmc.nl)]r.hendriks@erasmusmc.nl)
Annemiek van Spriel (annemiek.vanspriel@radboudumc.nl)
Hans-Martin Jäck (hans-martin.jaeck@fau.de)
Orisa Swinnen (o.swinnen@erasmusmc.nl)
Rudi Hendriks ([mailto:r.hendriks@erasmusmc.nl)]r.hendriks@erasmusmc.nl)

4. In the spotlight

The T2B consortium members Bart Jacobs and Ruth Huizinga recently co-authored a manuscript in Trends in Immunology. The paper provides an overview of the latest findings on autoantibodies induced via molecular mimicry in the Guillain-Barré syndrome. Curious? Please follow the link to learn more: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1eh7R_XTJFbDhS

Webinar Covid- project
On the 17th of March from 14:00-16:00 there is a webinar from the T2B Covid study : Link no longer valid.
The session will be recoreded. After the 17th of March you can access the webinar via this website: Amsterdam UMC Locatie AMC - Target to B! Immuniteit tegen SARS-CoV-2 bij patiënten met auto-immuunziekten

5. News

Did you now that:
  • We have a monthly WP-leaders TC to touch base with all the different workpackages. It's a nice way to discuss the integration of the workpackages.
  • All the workpackages have regular TC's to discuss progress of research. Please contact your WP-leader if you need more informtation about the TC for the workpackage you participate in.
  • There is a virtual labmeeting (every 6 weeks on a tuesday) for PhD-studens, Postdocs and others that are interested. In the last one Maaike Braham and Mariateresa Coppola shared some nice data. Please email Eugenie if you are interested in attending this meeting. The next meeting is on the 15th of March from 12.00-13.00.
  • All articles/ reviews etc published with regards to this study must comply with the regulations set out by Health Holland and the SGF. Please contact Eugenie about publications (we would also like to share your publications with the rest of the consortium by including them in the news update section of the newsletter)
If you have news you want to share with the consortium in this section, please email Eugenie: e.i.quartier@amsterdamumc.nl
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